New Yoghurts with Seeds and Bananas are Released

Pumpking farm just released our new lineup of natural live yoghurts in 500g sized pots. So these Natural Live Yoghurts with Pumpkin, Sunflower, Chia 8c Poppy seeds most likely just hit the local store near you.

We’re sure that this kind of morning food is definitely the healthiest and tastiest day kick starter, ever!

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Garden Supreme IQF Premium Mixed Vegetables

Not only you will find the best agricultural products on this website, but also a regularly updated blog which reviews the latest agricultural innovations.

Not long after they are announced and released, they become available at our agrocenter. We strive for being the first to have the newest and the best in our store, yet affordable.

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Special Farm to Fork Cooking Class

If you need the finest-quality flower, herb, vegetable, tree seeds or hybrid seeds, if your house needs reliable garden tools, all these things you will find here, ready to help you plant, grow and enjoy the results.

Please keep in mind that if your order exceeds a particular sum, we provide you with big discounts and free shipping.

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Beef & Cattle

We pay extra attention to what we’re
feeding to our live stock. Our cattle eats
only fresh grass forages and hay.

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